Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lord, Hear Our Groanings!

Will you please join me in fervent prayer for my friend Anne? An MRI yesterday indicated growth in her tumor, so much so that it is now reaching into her right frontal lobe (it originated in the left) and interrupting many of her most basic functions. Doctors have decided to discontinue all treatments immediately and perform surgery again as soon as they can in order to remove as much of the growth as possible. No details on that just yet.

I'm all out of words, but I'm grateful that God doesn't need them to hear the desperate cries of my heart.

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Kimber and Rick said...

Always in Rick's and my prayers. As are all of you. God is good, and knows what's best, although sometimes we don't get it. She's in the best of hands, her faith, doesn't mean I don't cry every moment I think of her, and all of you. Love to all, and prayers are constant.