Thursday, October 17, 2013

Anne Needs Your Prayers!!!

Due to continued swelling and severe pain, Anne is on her way to have emergency surgery tonight. (This is the surgery which was originally scheduled for Monday.) The goal will be to remove as much of the new growth as possible as well as all dead tissue (portions of the tumor which chemo and radiation have already killed) without damaging surrounding healthy brain matter. This will eliminate a great deal of pressure on her brain, which should give her back some of the basic functions she has lost recently and also provide a cleaner, more direct path for the meds to do their work post-surgery. 

Her husband Jeff is with her. Her son Mark is flying in tomorrow, and her daughter Ally and son-in-law Nick are flying in on Wednesday.

We beg for your prayers for this entire family.

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Unknown said...

God, in Jesus name we ask that you have mercy and take Anne's pain away, we ask you Father for Anne's complete healing, we ask for your holly manifestation in her life, we are praying for a miracle Lord. Thank you for listening to our prayers.

Father we also ask you to give her husband Jeff and children; Ally and Mark strength and peace in their hearts, let them know you are in control and you are taking care of Anne. We also lift in prayer her mom, Nancy, her brothers, Benson, Robert and Bruce and sisters, Laurie and Eve.

We give you thanks Lord that Anne has a church family and dear friends who care and love her very much, may they be bless also Father as they have been a blessing for Anne and her family.