Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Good List 10-9-13

10. Black olive tapenade. A cracker's best friend. YUM!

9. Ginormous willow trees. There is something so sweet and gentle and inviting about them. And a little bit whimsical. Kinda like the Granddad of trees.

8. Rest. Which, in my opinion, is terribly underrated these days.
7. Macy's classes end at 2:14. Grace attends Young Scholars on Thursdays, which ends at 3:00. The distance between Macy's school and Grace's YS school requires a 45 minute drive. This is some very important math, especially when Jared is out of town. ;) Thankful.
6. Right now it's 39 degrees and brilliantly sunny at my house. In other words, the perfect fall day. (For those who know my cold-natured self, you probably think I'm crazy for enjoying 39 degrees. To that, I have to tell you that I don't know how it works, but somehow that temperature feels different here. It's certainly crisp, but it doesn't feel cold, especially when the sun is blazing. I don't know if I'm getting acclimated or if there is a perfectly logical scientific reason for this, but just thought you should know. ;-) Carry on then.)
5. The Vermont night sky. It's that special kind of dark that makes every star an exquisite display of glory.
4. We finally got some hard copies of Otherworld in the mail last week. So much fun!

3. Gracie's new adventure. She has decided to try her hand at the flute. Excited to see what happens! 

2. Macy has her first Vivace chorus performance at her school tonight. A sweet night of music is always welcome.
1. This is one of the best moments of joy I think I've ever seen. Beautiful Arabella. Daughter of our friends Heather and Joel. Gorgeousness.

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