Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Good List 10-23-13

10. The sound of studded snow tires on pavement. Weird. I know. I admit it, but I still like it.
9. A good, sharp chef's knife. Changes my entire cooking experience.
8. What a perfectly snuggly weekend we have to look forward to!

7. Gracie wrote me an acknowledgement on her science fair project board. Not sure I've ever seen anyone do that before, but how sweet is that? ;-)
6. We had such excellent visits with most of Macy's teachers at the parent-teacher conference last week (I think we met all but 2). Very impressed with each of them. Looking forward to a great year!
5. A "just to encourage you" gift from my treasured friend Barbara in which she somehow read my mind and put together a bag of all my favorite things. Feeling unworthy but extra blessed. So grateful for the way God loves me through his people.
4. This picture of Anne and her son Mark dancing down the aisle at her daughter Ally's wedding roughly one week after her first brain surgery. It's a bit of a long story, but just trust me when I say there are SO MANY LAYERS of special captured here. 

3. Rachel and Chris are married! So grateful for them and can't wait to see the many ways God uses them in our church and far, FAR beyond.

2. My people!!! How blessed am I? (Thank you for the picture, Andrea!)

1. My friend Anne had her second brain surgery on Monday. Today I got to spend some time with her. We held hands, strolled around the hospital hallway (even climbed a few stairs during PT), had prolonged sweet conversation, and shared several hearty laughs. This felt like a miracle to me, and it was all kinds of awesome. Maybe even *every* kind.

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