Friday, October 11, 2013

Things I Don't Regret

Disclaimer: I'm trying to put a positive spin on this, but you may also read between the lines that I very much regret the opposite of many things on this list, and sadly, I'm probably better at doing the opposites. (sigh) But I'm grateful for God's sanctifying work in my life, and by his grace, I'm hoping the "non-regrets" will become much more frequent occurrences.

~A good workout. To be clear, I can't say I'm always 100% motivated to begin with, but I never regret it afterwards.


~Holding a sleeping baby long after they "need" me to. 

~Staying up WAY too late (repeatedly) because I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend or sister that I didn't want to end.

~Tasting guacamole again a few years ago after a lifetime of thinking I didn't like it. (Totally addicted now.)

~Tucking my kids into bed at night. I do this literally every single night we're in the same house together. Sometimes several times a night. ;-) I wouldn't have it any other way.

~Stealing my sister's dog. I didn't even realize how much I loved that little dude until we "gave him back" for a couple days while we were away from home. Man, did I miss that little buddy! ;-)

~Listening more than I speak. And praying even more than I listen.

~Looking my children in the eyes when they are telling me their stories.

~Burning candles. (What is this weird thing we do with storing them in a closet or attic until they melt or break or lose their scent?) Light those bad boys! They are meant to be enjoyed.

~Stargazing. Especially under the Vermont sky.

~Planning surprises or giving spontaneous "just because" gifts. I LOVE seeing people react to such things.

~Forging what I feared would be difficult relationships only to learn they would become some of my favorite friendships. Isn't it just like God to do that for me?

~Putting up my Christmas tree way too early so my family can snuggle in the glow of the twinkly lights. (Hush. You do you.)

~Saying "I love you" to people I love.

~Moving to Vermont against all common sense arguments. Some of them were very smart arguments, but sometimes the way of Christ doesn't seem very smart to the world.

~Giggling to the point of tears.

~Singing in worship loud and strong with complete surrender and abandon.

~Lingering dinner parties. I'm pretty sure my heart is fullest when my home is filled with people I love talking, laughing, and sharing a meal together for hours.

~Planting a vegetable garden. I didn't have time even to consider it this year, but I never regret it when I do.

~Hurrying to the bathroom door when Grace gets up in the middle of the night so that as soon as she opens it, I'm standing right there to pick her up and carry her back to bed. Not sure how much longer I'll be able to do this (she's almost as tall as me), but I refuse to stop until I'm physically unable to make it happen anymore.

~Adopting our Compassion child, Lorena. We've had her for 11 years now. 

~Preserving memories. I'm pretty addicted to the whole photography/memory book situation (it's a little bit of a sickness), but when I look back at those moments, I never regret having taken the time to collect them. It's especially sweet to "happen upon" one of my girls sitting on the couch with one of my scrapbooks in her lap and a huge smile on her face. These are my love letters to them. Awesome.

~Digging into Scripture.

~Holding hands with my man while we walk. My sister makes fun of me and says this is an activity for 12-year-olds. Maybe so. I still don't regret it. ;-)

~Making super special after school treats for my sweet girls so I can watch their eyes light up when they get home.

~Giving grace. Also receiving it, which is sometimes even more difficult, but always well worth the awkward discomfort.

~Calling my parents or one of my sisters.

~Walking away from a house full of dirty dishes and laundry and a million other things that "needed to be done" so that I could look into a friend's eyes one last time before he left this earth.

~Time spent in prayer.

~Saying "YES" to Jared.

~Every single moment of walking with Christ.

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