Sunday, September 29, 2013

Help for my Friend, Anne

This is my friend, Anne. (Isn't she pretty?)

Anne is so special to me. Her family has felt like home to me since before I even moved to Vermont. They probably don't remember this, but she and her husband and son were so incredibly encouraging to me during the time I still lived in Nashville after my family had moved ahead to Vermont. It was just a simple little email or facebook message from one of them every now and then (but also seemingly just when I needed it most.) I'm guessing they didn't think they were doing anything terribly important, but it meant the world to me as I sat six states away from my family in a house way too big for one person not to feel lonely. Almost five years later, I have grown to love this family in so many ways, I couldn't possibly do them justice in a simple blog post. That is a discussion for a different day. ;-)

For now, this is the important point-- Anne learned just a few weeks ago that she had a very large brain tumor. She had it removed just as soon as surgeons could make that happen, and she's such a rock star that we partied in her hospital room literally the day after. 

Totally wasn't jokin', y'all. Brain surgery one day. Party in her hospital room the next day. Rock star.

Still not the point, though.

Since then, Anne has learned that she has stage IV glioblastoma. Not good news. Which means radiation and chemotherapy 5 days a week for the next 6 weeks at a hospital almost 2 hours away. And *that* means extra expenses stacking up daily. Gas, lodging, meals away from home, etc. Also--her husband Jeff is self-employed, which means if he doesn't work, he doesn't make money. There's no paid vacation going on here. When he is driving his wife back and forth to these appointments, their income is on hold. 

With all of this in mind, Anne's daughter Ally has set up a fund to allow people to support them financially. (See link below.) I know that many reading this don't know them and have lots of people in their own lives who need similar help, so there is no guilt trip or high pressure here. Just making the opportunity known for those who might want to respond. Small amounts add up quickly when many are involved.

And if you can't give, will you join us in prayer? For healing, for comfort and encouragement, and for provision. So very grateful for the prayers of saints across the globe.

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