Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Good List 9-11-13

10. Earlier this week, Jared randomly received a package. This is what was in it (a book). I'm still giggling.

9. One of the after school activities offered at Macy's school is a "Chopped" competition twice a month. She is SO EXCITED!
8. Massive cold front predicted for tomorrow. I'm always ready for football, coffee, chili, snuggling weather. :-D
7. Macy tried out for the Vivace chorus at her school and found out last Friday that she made the cut. She's excited, and I can't wait to hear all the lovely music that will fill my ears because of this. 
6. Unexpected phone calls that come at just the right moment and deliver just the right message.
5. Earlier this week, I picked up Ty and Jack from school. On the way home, Jack listed for me all of his favorite friends in order of how they ranked. ;-) When he was done, I asked Ty who his favorite friends are. Without hesitation, he asked, "Is it weird if Grace is my #1 since she's my cousin?" Be still, my heart. :-D
4. THIS. is so close I can taste it. Can't wait.

3. Otherworld, the first book Jared ever wrote (over 20 years ago) and his very first fiction publication, released yesterday. Tell us if you love it so he'll know if he should continue working on fiction in his free time. ;-)
2. The Lord is stirring, stirring, stirring around these parts. I never know exactly what He's doing, but it is always exciting to sense His work in and through and around us. Keep us attentive and obedient, Lord!
1. Romans 5 and all that it means for those who are suffering.

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Becky said...

I would love a fun CHOPPED competition!

My husband got your husbands book for free yesterday! Can't wait to read it!