Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Good List 9-25-13

10. Coffee. 
9. Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. Seriously? I want to go to these.

8. Meal Train ( If you ever need a website to help you coordinate help for someone you love, I highly recommend this service. (Thank you for the recommendation, Kim!)
7. I first read Jared's Otherworld about 15 years ago. I read it again last week and loved it all over again. (It's fun being married to a storyteller!)
6. Too precious not to share: One of my best friend's celebrated her Grandad's 90th birthday a few days ago. Below is what she had to say about him and a picture of him holding her baby boy. Fills my heart all the way up.

Some people leave a legacy that ripples through generations. This is my Grandad, Fred. He is 90 years old today. He is a man of God, a selfless and fiercely loyal husband, a devoted and faithful father, a caring grandfather who I count as my great friend. He was a prisoner of war, felt the Lord's presence in miraculously beautiful ways during WWII, and is still singing the praises of Jesus today! He is a lover of music, a ballroom dancer, entertains and brings joy to his family, and has shaped my character and led me to praise the goodness of the Lord in countless ways throughout my life. The Lord is so kind to give me a grandfather like my Grandad and I wish him a happy 90th birthday today and humbly ask Him for many many more!

5. Celebrating 40 years of my bro-in-law, Jon. Happy Birthday, Jon! I'm glad you're my family!

4. Celebrating 20 years of my sweet niece, Leah. Love you, LeLe! Happy Birthday!

3. My Mom and Dad are here! Their timing is impeccable. :-)
2. I'm sad to report that it's been storming for quite some time in the midst of our little church community (cancer, death, depression, etc., etc., etc.), but I have never before experienced the lavish love of Christ like what this family consistently and abundantly pours out on each other. It is breathtaking. And for that I am grateful.
1. Richard is with Jesus! We are sad, but he is not. Indeed he will never be sad again. Raised to walk in newness of life.

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