Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Good List 10-2-13

10. Yesterday my driver's side front window decided it was all done rolling back up. So I drove around with an open window and wild woman hair on a perfectly clear, gorgeous sunny day until we could deliver the car to our mechanic. Today the window is being fixed while it rains. Sometimes "good timing" is a really big blessing. ;-)
9. October. I love this month. Fall colors. Crisp air. The fun and sweet anticipation of upcoming holidays. Coffee and hot chocolate. Soups and stews and chili. Boots. Scarves. Hoodies. Fire pits. Snuggles. Good stuff.
8. This CD has been such a heart boost for me recently. So good.

7. I have a date with my friend Andrea to go photograph the fall foliage next week. Good times. Good times.
6. Our "calm before (and after) the storm" weekend that Jared had the forethought to plan for this weekend. Life has been a little nuts, and his schedule is about to get crazy with travel and other engagements, so he planned a little getaway to love on his family before all the separation begins. Desperately looking forward to it.
5. That this is our back yard. I hope I never get over it.

4. Celebrating back-to-back birthdays with my crazy little nephews last weekend. (Jack on Saturday, Ty on Sunday) They're growing up WAY too fast, but I'm so glad they're doing it right down the road from me these days instead of a world away in Texas.

3. Being married to someone who is so good at making me laugh. What a gift. It's fun every day, but it's especially special on the difficult days.
2. Ladies' Bible Study is back! Water to my thirsty soul. We're studying the life of John this time. Eager to dig into the word and fellowship with these special ladies.
1. Seeing this on facebook this morning from one of our most treasured friends in all the world. Made me cry.

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