Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Good List 6-5-13

10. Window a/c units. I'm super grateful not to have the massive summer electric bills that accompanied our central air in Tennessee and Texas, but every now and then here in Vermont, we have a day that makes me grateful for the nice, cool escape of an air conditioned room.
9. The fact that one of Macy's BFF's gave her a cookbook for her birthday, and she LOVED it! Everything about that scenario makes me happy.
8. Face time. It's not the same as being together in person, but it helps when you're 3000 miles away from the one you love the most.
7. Both of the girls are going to a birthday party sleepover Friday night. An actual "go out" date night is in our future! It's been awhile.
6. Surprise packages in the mail from awesome friends. Particularly when they contain GooGoo Clusters. :-D (Thank you, Rachel!)

5. Some friends of ours from Houston just relocated to Maine. Joel will be pastoring a church there. So grateful for the way God continues to work in New England, and so glad to be part of the team here! AND the Burdeauxs are coming to see us in a couple weeks. Jared has spent time with them before, but it will be my first time to meet them in person. Excited!
4. I'm in the middle of an epic "stroll down memory lane" with my sisters on facebook, and it is pretty much making my day. (Although I'm in public, and I'm gonna get kicked out, 'cause I can't stop giggling.)
3. Gracie ran her little heart out at the Girls on the Run 5K last Saturday. She was SO PROUD!

2. I'm gonna be an aunt again!!! Jeremy and Danielle are expecting on December 29th! 

1. Yesterday during Ladies' Bible Study, my friend Rita recited *almost the entire book of James from memory. I don't know how to describe how special that was.
*She recited all the way through the middle of Chapter 5 and is working on finishing the entire book, but yesterday was our last meeting before breaking for summer, so our leader asked her to go ahead and recite what she had and read the rest. It was pretty much awesome.

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