Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Good List 6-26-13

10. The fact that this exists. If I had a stupid amount of money, I would totally buy it for Jared. :-D

9. Good tap water. This stuff is not to be taken for granted. Ours is delicious and even refreshingly cool right out of the faucet. Grateful.
8. Cartoon clouds. Y'all know what I mean, right? The kind that look like you should either jump up there and bounce around on 'em OR grab a spoon and eat 'em like whipped cream.
7. Peonies. They're so huge and awesome.

6. Covered bridges. Passed this cute little gem on a golf course in North Conway last weekend.

5.  Quechee Gorge. I can't fully explain why I'm so drawn to that place. It's so calming and refreshing to me.

4. The White Mountains. One of my favorite areas.

3. The Burdeauxs are on their way to us today! Fun times ahead!
2. Today is JoJo's birthday! I'm not saying she's my favorite sister, but she *is* the only one who moved to Vermont to live close to me. :-D (Love you, Vick and A! :-P)
1. On Saturday, I'll celebrate 17 years of marriage with this guy. By God's grace, I love him more every single day.

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Becky said...

I like that the yeti has free 2 day shipping :)

Happy Anniversary!