Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Good List 5-8-13

10. My nephew Ty informed me this morning that Plants vs. Zombies 2 will be released in July. I predict a PvZ summer tournament. Good times.
9. Flip flop weather. Y'all know how I feel about winter :-D, but I sure don't mind being able to run out the door in flip flops.
8. Natalie's wrinkles are back! It's a silly joke, but a great perspective, I think. My friend Natalie woke up one morning a little over a week ago terribly swollen and achy. She learned she had lyme disease, but she is now on antibiotics and is happy to see the swelling has gone down so that her wrinkles are showing again. :-D
7. South Shore Baptist Church in Hingham, Massachusetts. A beautiful venue with wonderfully gracious hosts.
6. Walking the beach with my man last weekend. It was just a brief jaunt before the conference started, but it was a nice treat since we don't get to beaches very often.

5. Macy was chosen to present her health fair project at the Montshire tomorrow. She's really excited!
4. Another book proposal out the door yesterday. I don't know how Jared does it. It's like he literally can't not write. Hoping for a good response.
3. Sweet fellowship time with so many amazing friends last weekend at the Men and Women of Wisdom Conference in Hingham, Massachusetts. Particularly grateful for extended time with Elder Dale and Mrs. Elder Dale, some of our favorite people on the planet.
2. AND the Conference itself, of course! Men and Women of Wisdom, taught by Ray and Jani Ortlund and my very own Jared, with break-out sessions by Jeramie Rinne, Matthew Kruse and Curtis Cook. So much wisdom there. So much great teaching. Truly encouraging.
1. Baby Max, who was born a couple weeks ago weighing only 1.5 pounds, appears to be doing quite well! I love his Grandmother's words: "He is so fragile, yet complete." Indeed. Thank you, Lord! Please join me in praying for him as he continues on a long path to full health.

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