Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Good List 5-15-13

10. Yeast. Much like a child, I get delighted every single time I see it's effects. Silly, I know. Nevertheless. . .  ;-)
9. "Museum Mysteries" on Travel channel. We stumbled upon this entirely by accident last week, and we were instantly hooked. It's a little bit creepy, but a lot interesting.
8. The seafood stew I made earlier this week with the broth/water combo I had used to boil potatoes. The potato starch added just enough thickness and oomph. YUM!
7. The green of the Vermont Green Mountains. There's no other color quite like it. Amazing.

6. Iron Man 3. Quite enjoyable indeed. Now ready for the next Thor movie this fall.
5. Macy's neverending creativity. Here is a bag she made out of an old skirt. Adorable.

4. Grace makes me quiz her several times a week on her 10 commandments. She nails them every time, but she says she needs to keep practicing to make sure she doesn't forget. ;-)

3. The perfect Mother's Day weekend, complete with a Friday night candlelight dinner prepared by the love of my life, breakfast in bed and sweet homemade gifts Sunday morning, and a delightful lunch after church followed by a cozy, snuggly afternoon eating triple chocolate cookies, watching "The Avengers" and listening to blustering wind with my very favorite people in all the world. Yep. Perfect.

2. Good, good news recently about sweet Miss Lilly. We've been praying our guts out and will continue to. Grateful for the way we see God working.

1. The sound of Macy and Grace working together on a project (currently a float for the Memorial Day Parade) and giggling at each other like a couple of crazy people. It's pretty much my favorite sound.

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Becky said...

Just found your blog from Hannah's today!

I love what you wrote there and this good list is great!

I made something with yeast today, too, and I get such a kick out of it.

Have a great day!