Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Good List 6-27-12

10. Starry Night interpreted with dominoes. This is amazing.

9. Spaghetti squash. Who needs high carb pasta? We love this stuff!
8. The flip flops and clutch (complete with tassel) that Macy made from duck tape. So creative!

7. Macy has decided to be my workout buddy for the summer. Makes every crunch, lunge and minute of cardio ever so much more enjoyable. :-D
6. When Jared gets promotional t-shirts that are too small for him. Guess who he gives them to. :-D
5. FINALLY another Monsters, Inc. movie! It's a prequel even though I still think the first one set itself up perfectly for a sequel, but I'll take what I can get.

4. Mild summer weather. I promise I'm not trying to rub it in for those who haven't had such pleasant temperatures, but I've whined about the lack of mild summer weather enough in the past (when I lived further south) that I figure I should practice gratitude as often as possible now that I've been delivered from the miserable heat. :-D Truly grateful to be in Vermont.
3. Our house guest for the next couple weeks. Indi. Sweetest dog ever.

2. The art folders that come home at the end of the school year. 3 favorites from Macy:

And 3 favorites from Grace:

1. Family adventure AND date night in the works for Friday (our anniversary). Excited!

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