Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Good List 6-20-12

10. Gilead. The most exquisite fiction I've read in a long time. 
9.  Macy and Grace recently discovered The Munsters on Netflix instant queue, and they were instantly hooked. Jared is quite excited about this disovery as well.
8. The 2 little chipmunks that chase each other around my backyard while I'm gardening. It's as much fun to watch as just about anything I've ever seen. So stinkin' cute.
7. Getting to hang out with Jon and JoJo's nieces, Courtney and Kelli. I think the last time I saw them was when I visited Houston right after Ty was born (so a LONG time ago!) They are sweet, sweet girls. I hope they'll visit often!
6. Lots of fantastic hiking weather lately. Sunny, breezy, comfortably warm. Awesome.
5. Honey roasted peanuts. Sometimes they're just the right amount of sweet to keep me out of the cookies and brownies. ;-)
4. The birthday extravaganza in a box that my Mom sent to Grace (for her early July birthday). I might be more excited than she will be, AND I might have a hard time waiting until her birthday to give it to her.  SO much summer fun!!!
3. Picking a large portion of our dinner last night right out of our garden. I love that so much!
2. Being married to a man who still loves to surprise me after almost 16 years of marriage. Our anniversary getaway last week was one of my favorite trips ever.
1. First day of SUMMER! Family adventure #1 begins in about an hour--Jo and I are taking the whole crazy bunch tubing. FUN!

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