Thursday, June 21, 2012

Please Pray with Us!

So. . .  last week the tenants who have been living in our house in Tennessee moved out, and initial conversations with our property manager/realtor were a little scary. We were anticipating pictures of walls knocked down, half the roof caved in, and a tree growing through one of the bedroom walls. ;-) The house did need some attention, but not to the degree that we feared.

About $1000 later, we have 2 applicants who appear to be willing to move into the house "as is" and treat a few remaining issues as non-urgent maintenance items to deal with as needed. One of these applicants is interested in a lease/purchase agreement, which would be a huge blessing if we can make it work.

Please continue to pray with us. As of this moment, we have an empty house that we are paying mortgage and utilities for, but we are hopeful that we could have tenants very soon and possibly even be nearing the end of our time as Tennessee home owners. Lord, please make it so!

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