Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Eve

Let's see. . .  I'm doing one more mental checklist. Desserts are made. Dressing and spinach gratin are mixed and ready to pop into the oven. Turkey is soaking in brine. Ham is ready to just warm and eat. Eggs are boiled for deviled eggs. Potatoes and gravy and green beans can be done tomorrow. I think I'm good to go.

Now I'm settled on the couch for a movie night with my favorite guy. And I'm so excited about tomorrow. All of the people who are coming to spend the day with me are some of my very favorite people in all the world. And I'm incredibly grateful for that.

But the Lord is reminding me that not everyone feels that way. Some people are dreading tomorrow for all sorts of different reasons. For some, it's because of difficult--maybe even toxic--relationships they'll have to deal with. For others, perhaps they're facing the absence of a loved one they lost recently. And then there are those who face desperate loneliness simply because they don't have families. If you are one of the people facing a difficult day tomorrow for whatever reason, please know that I'm praying for you. Not specifically by name. I probably don't know who you are. But God does, and I'm asking Him to honor my prayer for all those who find themselves in the midst of heartache tomorrow.

For those who are like me and find themselves genuinely excited about the company you will share the day with tomorrow, will you consider praying with me for those who are not as fortunate as we are?

Father, thank you so much for blessing me with family members who love me well and reflect your love to me. Thank you for bringing us together tomorrow to rejoice over the many blessings in our lives, and help us to remember that it is only by your grace that we have so much to celebrate.

Lord, I pray that you will draw near to those facing difficulties of many kinds tomorrow. Bring peace where there is turmoil, forgiveness where there is anger and bitterness, comfort where there is grief, strength where there is weakness, energy where there is weariness, and relationship where there is loneliness. Lord, interrupt these situations with your presence in a mighty way. Bring joy despite the circumstances, and help love, genuine and lavish, rule the day. 

Ready hearts to worship you tomorrow for blessings great and small. Give hope to those who haven't felt hope in a very long time, and surround broken hearts with the soothing balm of your Gospel.

Thank you in advance for all that you will do to draw hurting souls into your arms tomorrow. I trust that you will do so in a way that is life-changing for many. Thank you for your power. Thank you for your Son, in whose name I pray--


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