Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From Grace: Happy Birthday, Dad!

And last, but certainly not least, Gracie weighs in with her list--

36 reasons I love my Dad:

36. He took me to a Titans game one time so I could see them in person. It was awesome!
35. He keeps me safe.
34. He builds fires in the fire pit so we can roast marshmallows.
33. He has lots of old books.
32. He introduces me to all kinds of good music like The Ramones and Dwight Yoakam.
31. He buys football stuff like a TOM BRADY bobble head. (Yes, that emphasis is entirely Grace's. ;-) )
30. He laughs really loud at funny movies and it makes me giggle.
29. He taught me how to ride a bike.
28. He takes us to the school to play basketball and ride bikes.
27. He took me to Disneyworld, and it was the best vacation EVER!
26. He made it so that Mom doesn't have to go to work and can be home for me.
25. He has good taste in movies.
24. He dressed up as the Incredible Hulk for Halloween last year, and it was awesome.
23. He takes me rock climbing and cheers me on.
22. His lunch box notes are funny.
21. He helps take care of me when I am sick.
20. He tells funny stories.
19. He works hard every day.
18. He shovels the snow even when he doesn't feel like it.
17. He buys me ice cream at unexpected times.
16. He does family devos.
15. He likes sushi.
14. He likes dogs.
13. He takes me out to movies.
12. He is a really good pastor.
11. He is a really good author.
10. He likes Big Foot.
9. He likes Champ.
8. He is a good problem solver.
7. He helps me with my homework (but he's glad when Mom does the math part.)
6. He likes the Patriots. A lot.
5. He lets Mom take pictures of him. And everything else.
4. He always says, "I love you."
3. He brings us to school every day.
2. He is funny.
1. He is an awesome Dad.

That's why I love my Dad.

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