Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Good List / Macy's Good List 11-9-11

10. The fact that Chuy's didn't make its way to downtown Nashville until after I moved away. Had this not been the case, I'm certain I would be at least 80 pounds heavier. :-D
9. Cabot smoked bacon cheddar cheese. Oh my.
8. The way snow and ice and water look when sun-kissed.

7. Captain America. It was every bit as good as everyone promised me it would be. And now I'm excited about The Avengers.
6. The huuuuuuge antique mall/toy museum we visited in Quechee a couple weeks ago. Like strolling right through my childhood.
5. The live performance of The Wizard of Oz we got to see at the fabulous Paramount Theatre thanks to VickVick's birthday gift to Macy and Grace. It was a fantastic show!
4. My November calendar is PACKED! But it's all amazing stuff! What a busy, fun, refreshingly exhausting month it will be. (Does that make sense to anyone but me?) I think it means I will either work hard or play hard pretty much every day and then sleep well every night. :-D
3. Joyful Noise. A fun night of music from all ages last Sunday night at our church. Good times. Good times.
2. All of the positive reviews I keep seeing about Gospel Wakefulness. I know that I am biased about such things, so it's nice to see similar responses from readers who are much more objective than me. ;-)
1. We leave TOMORROW for Maine for the LEAD11 conference. Excited!

Macy's Good List

10. Spelling contests with friends.
9. Dachsunds.
8. The smell of new books.
7. The smell of dusty old books.
6. Writing in cursive with the sharpest pencil ever.
5. Imagining new inventions.
4. Curling up in bed with 15 books by my side.
3. Fuzzy socks.
2. Tall wooden nutcrackers.
1. Hot tea.

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