Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From Macy: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Not to be outdone, Macy has come up with her own list of reasons why she loves her Dad so much--

36. He is absolutely, positively awesome in every way.
35. He plans "Daddy-Daughter Dates."
34. He takes us to see the coolest movies like Thor, Captain America, and we might see The Avengers.
33. He writes cool lunchbox notes.
32. He gave me extra money to donate to the school at our fund raiser last weekend.
31. We sometimes have nights where he plays cool music videos while Grace and I dance around.
30. I like how he says, "Thank you, baby!"
29. He does his best to make sure we have family devotions every night.
28. He is always making jokes.
27. He records movies and tv shows for us even when it interferes with his tv shows.
26. When it snows 6 ft., he comes outside and builds a snow fort with me even if he is sweating from head to toe.
25. He warms up the car every winter morning before we have to get in it to go to school.
24. I love his grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.
23. He is obsessed with Champ and Sasquatches.
22. Tom Brady is his hero.
21. He organizes a way for me to get to every dance, sleepover and birthday party.
20. He took care of Grace and me while Mom was in Tennessee.
19. He gives us a buck if we look up words at school that he tells us in the morning
18. He doesn't care if we play Playmobil on the living room floor
17. He plans good family vacations
16. He shows us cool old movies (like Abbott and Costello)
15. He teases me about not liking sushi.
14. He helped Mom put up our Christmas tree in October.
13. He comes with me when I have to go into the creepy attic. ;-)
12. He is good at drawing.
11. He tells us when he has a new Fact or Faked recorded on the DVR so we can all watch it together.
10. I like his sermons.
9. He let Mom teach him how to make a scrapbook, and he made one!
8. He shows me all of the cool tricks on Mario.
7. He downloaded 8-bit Mario on the Wii. So fun!
6. He tells me about old books like "The Three Investigators."
5. He makes a way for Grace and I to join groups in after school program.
4. He chose a cool sound notification for his email.
3. He makes weird faces in the window when we're in the car waiting at the mechanic.
2. He rents awesome movies from Netflix.
1. He's a cool Dad.

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