Saturday, October 1, 2011

I am

I am Eve's mouthful of forbidden fruit.
I am Adam's passivity and blame-shifting.
I am Cain's murderous jealousy.
I am Judas's kiss.
I am Thomas's doubt.
I am the grumbling of the Israelites.
I am Peter's denial.
I am Ahab's wickedness.
I am Delilah's betrayal.
I am Saul's self-righteousness and persecution.
I am Gomer's unfaithfulness.
I am Jacob's deception.
I am the prodigal son's selfishness.
I am David's murder.
I am Jonah's disobedience.

And yet. . .

I am the bride of Christ.
I am the apple of His eye.
I am adopted into the family of God.
I am eternally secure in the finished work of Christ.
I am rescued from eternal separation from God.
I am fully redeemed.
I am loved beyond measure.
I am a joint heir with Jesus.
I am alive forevermore.
I am clothed in Christ's righteousness.
I am perfectly forgiven.

This is grace.


Anonymous said...

Did you write that Becky?

Hello, from a very, very long time ago... try Westminster Christian Academy, 7th and 8th grade!

I putter the puter cause I'm an addict to it and I get bored. A hobby is looking up old friends, schoolmates and people I've known, because we do NOT do Facebook! I blog instead.

In case you're interested, Glen Davis is a campus minister for Chi Alpha at Stanford University and Brandt Noel is making swords and weapons for Angelsword in Texas. That's pretty much the only people I keep up with from Westminster, especially since I was only there for two years.

Hope you still have your old yearbooks. I'm the "one-eared" kid.

It is wonderful to see that your love for Christ has not diminished and it looks like your husband is sound and a good witness for the Lord.

Have fun blogging.

In Christ,

Wading Across

Becky said...


Yes, I did write that, but more importantly--

How in the world are you????? And how in the world did you find me? I'm so curious as to the path that led you here. CRAZY!!!

I'm not sure where to begin catching up, so I'll just go check out your blog and see what questions it can answer for me before I bombard you. ;-)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Stay in touch!

Becky said...

Oh, and for what it's worth-- I DON'T have my old yearbooks. They're probably still at my Mom's in Texas. Not that that is important, but I just wanted you to know I remember you. I didn't have to cheat by looking in a yearbook. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Yeah, tis me. The nerd. I still remember that you have a scar on your shin from a three-wheeler and barbed wire!

If you dig around my blog enough, most of the basics are told.

My wife and I have been married for six years. I moved to St. Louis to marry her. I've been a stay-at-home dad for five years now. We have four children, the younger ones are twins (three boys, one girl).

Other than that, I'm a deacon at my church - for now (it's an "elective" position) and I spend way too much time online and blogging.

As for how I found you? I putter. Dig enough online and I crop up in a few places too.

Hope all is well with you and yours. I spend way too much time procrastinating. Time to do some house work while babies sleep.

Becky said...

So crazy. And funny how many common directions our paths took. I've been married 15 years, but we had a similar experience in that early in our marriage we moved to follow my job, and then my husband was a stay at home Dad for several years. (And he was also quite the putterer. :-D) But I'm really happy to report that we later moved again (now in Vermont), and I get to stay home with our 2 girls now. That's pretty much my dream job. ;-)

I don't recommend wasting much time reviewing my blog. It's really not very profound, but it does tell quite a bit of our story if you're ever bored enough to have nothing better to do.

I'm so glad you got in touch. There are few things more fun than reconnecting with an old friend.

And yeah--I definitely still have that scar. Be glad you missed 5th grade at WCA. That's when it happened, and it was pretty much disgusting.