Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Good List 10-5-11

10. Assembly line-type machines. I find these processes so interesting. Here is one that makes pencils. Pretty cool.

9. Airborne leaves.
8. The Great Gatsby, which I'm reading for the first time since high school. Very clever indeed.
7. Getting free K-cups in the mail. Sure, Francesco! I'll try your coffee for free. ;-)

6. A freshly set table just waiting for family and friends to gather around.
5. Hearing from an old friend for the first time in well over 20 years. Crazy.
4. Watching a napping toddler breathe deep. Somehow vibrant and peaceful at the same time.
3. This drawing of a sunset over the water that Gracie made for me. It's a lovely piece of artwork, and I love it for that reason for sure, but the sweetest thing about it is realizing how well Gracie knows me to choose this subject. Precious.

2. Seeing Macy love on her younger cousins. My favorite scene is when they all settle down to watch a movie at night, and she ends up with either Jack or Dylan in her lap stroking their hair or rubbing their back. Sweetest thing ever.
1. Sleepy voices whispering "I love you too, Mom" when I plant one more kiss on their cheeks and whisper in their ears one more time before going to bed. (Usually I think they're sound asleep, but it never hurts my feelings when they whisper back to me. ;-)

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Kelli said...

That book brings back memories! Wow, a friends gathering and an old special is that :) Sweet voices of our little ones is always a great sound.