Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For Us

I read this this morning, and it is too good not to share.

Andrew Murray writes:

Thus dear did God hold the world. How dear? That He gave His only-begotten Son for every one in the world who will trust in Him. And how did He give? He gave Him, in His birth as man, in order to be forever one with us. He gave Him, in His death on the cross as Surety, in order to take our sin and curse upon Himself. He gave Him, on the throne of heaven, in order to arrange for our welfare, as our Representative and Intercessor over all the powers of heaven. He gave Him in the outpouring of the Spirit, in order to dwell in us, to be entirely and altogether our own. . . Yes; that is the love of God, that He gave His Son to us, for us, in us.

Nothing less than His Son Himself. This is the love of God; not that He gives us something, but that He gives us some one--a living person--not one or another blessing, but Him in whom is all life and blessing--Jesus Himself.

"to be entirely and altogether our own. . ."  Just wow.