Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Good List 10-19-11

10. Steam cleaning. It's therapeutic (and very effective)!
9. THIS!

I haven't seen this stuff in years. I kinda think it might just be a Halloween time promotion, so Jared couldn't pass it up when he saw it in the grocery store.
8. My sister's new juicer, which has allowed me to enjoy fresh carrot-apple juice all week. (I promise it's way better than it sounds and sooooo good for you!) Also-- it's a lovely fall color. :-D
7. When the leaves are gone, it's much easier to see the birds and squirrels playing in the naked trees. (I do love me some fall leaves, but this helps me not miss them *quite* so much.)
6. The smell of the blankets that we pull out of the cedar chest when it gets cold at night.
5. The History of Middletown, Vermont that I finished reading last weekend. Fascinating stuff.
4. The absence of physical pain, which I take for granted pretty much every single day. But this week so many of my friends were suffering from various physical pains that I was so much more aware of my health and comfort. I'm so grateful, but not nearly as grateful as I should be.
3. Macy and Grace get a long weekend this weekend!
2. Nana and Papa are on their way to Vermont!
1. Finally getting to see Jared hold this in his hands. It's been in his heart for a long time, but we were ready to see it in person. (Cue "it's like having a baby" references. ;-) So proud of him!

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