Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Good List 3-16-11

10. The word "conundrum." It might be the best example in the English language of a word that sounds exactly like its definition. Right?
9. Kale chips. So apparently kale has recently been elevated to super food status. It has almost every vitamin a body needs plus fiber, calcium, etc., etc. It's an anti-inflammatory and supposedly helps prevent several kinds of cancer as well as heart disease. All of that with only 36 calories per serving. And if you roast it in the oven with just a little olive oil, vinegar and salt, it's YUMMY!
8. Albert Brooks. I forget how funny he is when I haven't seen him in awhile.
7. The yogurt "fluff" we've been enjoying at our house when we need a quick and easy dessert. Just mix one tub of cool whip with one single serving size container of any flavor yogurt. You can enjoy it just like that kinda like pudding or spoon it over berries or angel food cake. Super simple and delightfully delicious! You're welcome. ;-)
6. Word clouds. I mean, I suppose it depends on the subject matter, but generally speaking, I like the concept. Pretty fun.
5. Serving dessert in stemware. It adds a little magic to even the simplest of yummy treats. (Like yogurt fluff!)
4. The Ukrainian eggs our fabulous friend Anne Miserocchi taught us how to make last weekend. So fun and beautiful! (Disclaimer: We only made the 3 individual ones pictured below. The ones in the baskets belong to Anne and were made by all different people throughout the years. I wanted to share the pics because they're so beautiful, but didn't want to take credit. ;-)

3. The energetic discussion we had at our Ladies' Bible study yesterday. All about the Gospel. Pastor would be proud. :-D A bunch of lovely ladies learning more about Scripture and the Gospel together--I'm pretty sure there is no better use of a Tuesday morning.
2. Making my kids laugh. Especially when it comes from way down deep in their bellies. Those are my rock star moments. I don't need much else.
1. Seeing hope in someone's eyes (or hearing it in their voice) for what you know is the first time in a very long time. Beautifully special.

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Karen, Nana said...

Years ago Coylene learned at weight watchers to make a pie by mixing cool whip and yogurt and putting it in a pie shell. I think she put it in the freezer so it was like a frozen dessert. I like mixing a little Hershey's chocolate syrup with cool whip. Not as nutritious but hey it's CHOCOLATE! ;-)