Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Good List 3-23-11

10. Colorful Sharpies. What is it about those things? They're like little vibrantly hued containers of fun-ness.
9. The sound of horses running. There's something about it that feels good in my ears. Is that weird?
8. Jason Bateman. He's adorable, and I bet he would be really fun to hang out with.
7. Sunsets in the mountains. One of my very most favorite scenes.
6. My tulips are coming up! (Thanks, Joy! These are the bulbs you gave us last fall.)
5. Serving up Jambalaya to a kitchen full of friends earlier this week. Representin' the South up in the 802! :-D
4. A clean, organized kitchen. Although ironically it makes me want to get in there and cook a bunch of stuff and make a big ol' mess.
3. Watching a chipmunk scamper across the snow in our back yard. Y'all know I loved winter, but I sure don't mind the signs of spring.
2. The way the moon gorgeously positions itself right in the corner of the window above my kitchen sink while I'm washing the dinner dishes. Awesome.
1. Laying my head on Macy or Grace's chest and hearing her heart beat healthy and strong.

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