Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Good List 3-2-11

10. Ginger Ale poured over frozen mixed berries instead of ice. Refreshing and delightful!
9. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. So weird and random, but you can't help but giggle.
8. When it's so windy outside you can barely stay on your feet. It's a great excuse to have wild woman hair all day and not care.
7. Nigella Lawson. Love her recipes, LOVE her accent, love her sense of humor and the fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously. Pretty much want to hang out with her for extended periods of time.
6. The mysterious and spooky fog up in the mountains just beyond our back yard on Monday evening. So cool-looking.

5. The Jesus Storybook Bible. I have probably listed this before, but it certainly deserves multiple mentions. I will probably list it again, so go ahead and emotionally prepare yourself. ;-) It might be the best kids book ever written. Ever.
4. The sweet way that Gracie adores her big sister. She thinks she is the smartest, funniest, most talented person she knows. And also that she has the best ideas. ;-) It's pretty precious and special.
3. The song Carried to the Table by Leeland which was part of the worship set at Forge last Saturday night. That song slays me every time I hear/sing it.
2. David and Sarah are having a BOY!!!!! I can't wait to meet Jack McLemore. How can someone with that name NOT be awesome?
1. The GREAT news my Mom got from her doctor last Friday. She was supposed to have a biopsy, but by the time she arrived for her appointment, the "mass" in question had shrunk so much they didn't even do the biopsy. Told her to come back in 3 months to make sure it hasn't grown again, but it appears to be nothing. PRAISE GOD!!!

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