Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

--I can't believe no one has invented a quicker way to dry hair by now. I mean, we can "cook" an entire meal in 5 minutes these days, but it still takes me 30 minutes to dry my mop. Crazy.
--Howcome there is no Monsters, Inc. 2 by now? The first one was SO GOOD, and the ending set it up perfectly for a sequel. Someone should get on that.
--I'm really glad God made snow white instead of black or gray or puke green. Or red. Oh man. Red snow--wouldn't that be creepy?
--I realized a couple days ago that I haven't had a dishwasher in almost a year. Surprisingly, I really haven't missed it. I'm sure it helps tremendously that I love the view from my kitchen window. :-D
--I absolutely LOVE to cook, but I have discovered that there are certain things that taste better when someone else makes them for me. Coffee, salad, and a "loaded" sandwich (all the veggies) are among those things.
--When is So You Think You Can Dance coming back? I miss it.
--If more adults would pretend to be kids every now and then instead of so many kids pretending to be adults all the time, I'm pretty sure the world would improve instantly.

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