Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Good List 10-27-10

10. Homemade hashbrowns.
9. Parcheesi. I found an old school set in a thrift shop last weekend for just $1. Looks like it has hardly been used. Felt like my childhood climbed right out of the box when I opened it. :-D
8. Flurry. This is one of the best dogs I have ever seen.
7. When Macy and Grace burst into spontaneous song about how much they love me when we're all working together in the kitchen.
6. Chris Sligh's The Anatomy of Broken. Yes and amen. Excellent stuff.
5. Making pumpkin bread with Macy and Grace and our sweet Ms. Ann. She is such a treasure.
4. Quechee Gorge. Beautiful, undisturbed, refreshing. One of my new favorite spots for sure.
3. Watching kids in rain boots dance through every puddle they can find.
2. As Macy and Grace would say--"Little Person Hugs."
1. The Dickersons are here for a WHOLE WEEK!!!

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Someone said...

I will echo your thoughts about Parcheesi, except change it to Othello. It was so great teaching it to Gannon. It's the only game I am competitive in. Well, that and air hockey. And ping pong and Scrabble. But that's it.