Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh, Glorious Day!

A few days ago for reasons I don't quite recall, I found myself in the midst of a pretty deep discussion with Grace about "the end of the world." Interestingly, she wasn't afraid or sad that the world would one day end--mostly just disappointed. ;-) Gracie really enjoys life, so she just doesn't want the party to end. Ever. (Enter Mom with the good news. :-D )

The end of the conversation went something like this:

Me: Actually, the last day of *this life* will be our best day ever, because that's when eternal life begins.

Gracie: Even if we don't die first?

Me: Well, most people will probably die in their earthly bodies at some point, but when Jesus comes back, He will take ALL of the people who know Him to heaven whether they're dead or alive on earth, and then we will all live FOREVER in HEAVEN. (Realizing this is a pretty grand concept to grasp, I try to get creative and reference a song we like to sing together, and this always involves some level of theatrics which Gracie really likes. ;-) Hey, Gracie--you know that song we like to sing together--Oh Glorious Day? Remember when it says "One day the trumpet will sound for His coming! One day the skies with His glory will shine. WONDERFUL DAY, My Beloved One, bringing My Savior, Jesus is mine!"? That's what that song is about. It's describing what will happen on the day that Jesus comes to get us. (I'm really getting into this. It's quite a production, and I'm fully expecting a deep, rich, ongoing conversation.)

Instead, quite simply. . . .

Gracie: (brief pause) Hmm. Well, I hope I stay alive until He comes to get me, 'cause I wanna hear that trumpet, and I wanna see that sky!!!

Yes indeed. And that will do for now. :-D

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