Monday, October 4, 2010

Endless Wonder

This morning as she was getting ready to leave for school, Gracie asked me a very simple question: "Mommy, can we make a special place in the attic for us to have a quiet spot to. . . . you know. . . . read about God and pray and stuff?" Macy thought this was a great idea, too, and they immediately started talking about where it should be, how it should be set up, etc.

Well. . . . Of course, I didn't even have to think about it for 10 seconds before immediately responding YES! But once they were at school and I was home alone in my quiet house, I did think about it. A LOT. And I cried. The happiest, proudest tears I have cried in a long time.

There are so many reasons this simple little question fills my heart to overflowing.

1. I LOVE Macy and Grace's imagination and sense of adventure. We live in a very, VERY old farmhouse. It is creaky and rickety and dark and worn. And we love it. BUT the attic, for the faint of heart--borders on creepy. ;-) To Macy and Grace, however, it is an endless adventure of discovery. They don't think it's creepy at all. They think it's "special" since most houses don't have that kind of attic. I love that.

2. Both of my girls love to read. I mean, they REALLY love it! And they are very "unpicky" about it, devouring everything from fiction and stories of adventure to their Bibles and Bible stories to biographies and even science books and almanacs, etc. This makes me very happy.

3. This thought was completely initiated by Grace. Jared and I do our best to encourage time with God and certainly try to exhibit the need/desire for it in our own lives. But we have never made a big deal of telling the girls to find a special place to do so or anything like that. We typically have our almost-nightly devotions on the couch in the living room. (I'd love to say "nightly" as in every night, but I have to admit that would be a lie.) Nothing super special about the couch. Just the most comfy place to all sit together for a few minutes. But in Gracie's mind, time with God is a special event that deserves a special location. Awesome.

4. My girls have a desire to know God. They are children, yes. I'm not saying that by any stretch they always choose Bible study over other activities. Of course not. Or that we never have to help them remember to actually apply what they have read about during times when their sinfulness is most evident. ;-) But they do enjoy reading their Bibles and learning about their Savior. It is not a daunting task for them like I must admit it has been for me at times. Their minds are full of wonder, and learning more about God is just one of the many ways they satisfy their longing for more knowledge. It's so uncomplicated to them. Not a task. Not a burden. Just something they do and actually enjoy. Oh that we could all keep our minds filled with wonder in every area of life--but most especially the gospel.

Now-- I'm off to find a special spot in the attic. . . .

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