Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sound Bytes

On the off chance that there are actually 2 or 3 people outside of my immediate family who read this blog, I should go ahead and warn you to probably just skip this post. It won't make any sense to those who weren't present for the recent few days of shenanigans and tomfoolery. It might not even make sense to those who were present. You're welcome for the warning. :-D

Jody: "These questions are easy." Dad: "No, they're not easy. They're hard. I'm just smart."

Vickie: "Jody is the one who's always singing ridiculousness."

Mom: "Funk and Farkle." Becky: "MOM! That sounds dirty and inappropriate. It needs to wait until later."

Jody, in response to Leah's less-than-thrilledness at being up late: "Leah! Go to bed, Raincloud!"

Becky: "That's not Pi. That's Stone Henge."

Peyton: "I can't believe y'all are actually playing a game you have to *think* about."

After everyone told Jon his answer was a good guess, Dad said: "How is that a good answer? It was wrong!"

Jon: "Don't be surprised at my smartness."

In response to the following question, "What microsoft plug-in delivers high quality audio and video to web browsers?" Mom: "Extension cord."

Amy (somewhere in the neighborhood of 184 times, but I lost count): "I'm sorry. What was the question?"

"Ummmmm. . . . . are you new?"

Amy: "Guys, I hate to be needy here, but does anyone know where I can find a pillow?" Jared: "Wait. Is that like Methvin code for some kind of female problem?"

Vickie, to her two oldest children: "Why are y'all sitting so close together? It's weird."

Josh to Leah, while we were playing a game during which the object is to accumulate the fewest points: "Leah, you have more points than the combined total of everyone else playing this game."

Jody: "Daddy, you do you."

Becky: "Dad is quite the tidy-er."

Dylan (who just turned 3): "Out of my way, you!"

When Dad said he didn't know the answer to the question, "What playwright wrote Romeo and Juliet?" Amy verbally assaulted him and said, "And you have a college degree?!" To which Dad very calmly replied, "Yep. In petroleum engineering. Shakespeare never came up."

Leah: "Y'all are more fun with margaritas."

There you go, Vick. Remind me of the ones I forgot. . . . .

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