Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Good List 12-14-11

10. Smoked salmon flatbread wrap with arugula, goat cheese and caramelized onions. Yes. Pretty sure I could eat this every day if I could afford to.
9. Shopping in my pajamas on my couch with a huge mug of coffee by my side and having everything delivered to my door. So excellent.
8. Disney's Prep and Landing. Fantastic.
7. The winter moon is typically framed right in the center of my kitchen window when I'm preparing and/or cleaning up after dinner. This makes me a special kind of happy and "settled" in my heart.

6. Will Arnett in "Up All Night." Brilliant.
5. Reading Christmas picture books with Jack and Dylan. It's fun to be reminded how much I love this.
4. The Barn restaurant. Jared and I have had a gift certificate to this place for over a year. We finally used it last weekend, and it was fantastic. Excellent food. Warm, cozy setting. Wonderful service. The only thing we'll do differently next time is make reservations to sit by the fireplace!
3. Scrumptious, chubby little toddler hands and feet. I simply adore them.

2. I happened upon Macy's favorite locket and opened it up to find my Memaw's picture. Stirred my heart to tears. Macy didn't know her very long, but somehow she has always felt a strong bond to her. Precious.

1. Getting to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" at the historic Paramount Theatre. An old, black and white, Christmas movie on a big screen in a theatre that was built in 1912. Kind of like a fairy tale for me. :-D

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