Sunday, December 11, 2011

Simple Pleasures

He could have made every food taste the same. Simple manna. Just what we need to sustain us, but not necessarily anything to enjoy or savor. But He didn't. Thank you, Lord, for. . .
. . .tender, flavorful shrimp and scallops
. . .rich, luxurious chocolate
. . .fresh, fragrant breads
. . .plump, ripe, scrumptiously sweet strawberries
. . .oils and vinegars and spices that combine to create nothing short of a party for my palate

He could have made the moon look exactly the same every night. But He didn't. Thank you, Lord, for each of these:

He could have made the landscape purely functional. Big uniform square blocks of brown dirt suitable for providing the things we need to sustain life but completely uninteresting to look at. But he didn't. Thank you, Lord, for. . . 
. . .majestic green and snow-capped mountains
. . .sprawling corn fields
. . .lazy, winding rivers
. . .powerful, rushing waterfalls
. . .warm, sandy beaches
. . .rocky, lighthouse-clad coastlines

He sure didn't have to bother with all those seasons. But He did. Thank you, Lord, for. . .




And Winter.

He could have made flowers nothing more than pollen containers--all the same color, size and shape. Fuel for the bees; pointless for the humans. But He didn't. Thank you, Lord, for. . .

. . .yellow roses
. . .pink peonies
. . .purple petunias
. . .tiny forget-me-nots
. . .gigantic sunflowers
. . .clustered bunches of hydrangeas
. . .individual tulips in a vast array of vivid colors

Simple pleasures. None of them necessary to live. Gifts from God, who delights in our joy. Thank you, Lord, for the lavish and creative ways you love us!

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