Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Good List 12-28-11

10. The crunch of leaves and branches underfoot during a winter hike.
9. Old school Concentration. We used to play this game all the time when my sisters and I were little. Jody found one online that she got my Mom for Christmas. It's amazing the memories it brought back. So fun!

8.  Mom's seafood gumbo and shrimp poboys. YUM!
7. The Help. I read the book several months ago, but just watched the movie during the holidays. Both were terrible and wonderful all at once.
6. Having Peyton and Leah here to fix/play with my hair over and over again. I strongly considered holding them hostage. ;-)
5. 10 cousins playing in the snow.

4. Late night giggles with my whoooole family!!!
3. Macy and Jared snuggling together to watch It's a Wonderful Life repeatedly. Macy has developed quite a crush on Jimmy Stewart. :-D
2. The family band is well underway. A green ukulele for Macy. A blue one for Grace. And a cajon each for Ty and Jack. Nice!

1. I just booked a plane ticket for my Mom to come back and see us in the spring. This softens the blow of the Christmas holidays ending a little bit. Love you so much, Mom!!! Can't wait for spring break!!!

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