Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Good List 12-21-11

10. Drew Brees on Sesame Street. Could there be anything more adorable?
9. Serving breakfast for dinner. There is something so very cozy about it. I don't really know why.
8. The brilliant moonlight reflecting off of a snowy landscape. It's CRAZY how bright it can be! So magical and romantic and sexy.
7. Patriot Place. The perfect little occasional getaway place.
6. Fleece sheets. These are to the outside of my body exactly what the perfect cup of coffee is to the inside of my body. Plus mine are the color of chocolate, so it's almost too much awesomeness for a single scenario. :-D
5. THIS! I cannot wait!!!

4. The homemade doggy biscuits Macy made for Indi and Charlie. She couldn't bear to leave them out. So sweet.

3. Some of my favorite people in the world welcome Grandbaby #3 in May 2012. Congratulations to Kim and Dale Carr and also their daughter Molly and her husband Bryan on the birth of their FIRST sweet baby! 
2. The Maywalds are almost here!!! Project Vermont Christmas is coming together quite nicely. Quite nicely indeed. :-D
1. A nice, long day of shopping and giggling with Mom and Jody yesterday. So much giggling. . . 


DEWS NEWS said...

You and Your family would be on my GOOD LIST!!!
Have a BLAST together!!!

Oh, another set of your favorite people are welcoming their second grandchild into the world in JULY 2012...Christopher and Katie are going to have us a BABY!!!

Becky said...

OHHH, YAY!!!! Congratulations to the whole family! Love you so much!

AND my Mom just gave me my gorgeous gift from you. SO SPECIAL!!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to tell all my friends where and especially whom it came from! You and Mick give each other a huge hug from me.