Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Good List 12-7-11

10. Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuits. Y'all. Go to them. I promise they will not disappoint.
9. The Muppets. We tried to see it Thanksgiving weekend, but it was sold out. Just one week later, we shared the theatre with only 3 other people. So I guess Vermonters *only* see movies on Thanksgiving weekend. ;-) Either way, it was a great film.
8. A big ol' stack of Christmas cards, all addressed, stamped and ready to go.
7. The sense of humor of some of my "friends." Check out this little gem I got in the mail last week. No.

6. Overripe bananas and the role they play in baking various healthy and yet still fabulously delicious treats. (Pumpkins play a similar role.)
5. The lead character in the new Disney animated film Brave. I LOVE her crazy, wild, brilliantly red hair!
4. Homemade cookies. I would pretty much choose these over just about any dessert in the entire world. I guess I'll never be able to be a food snob. ;-) 

3. That feeling of being snuggled way down deep in my warm, comfy bed with no need to turn on the alarm clock. Sleep late Saturdays rule.
2. The fact that Jody and Jon recruited the entire Middletown Fire Department to help hang Christmas lights on our church. Gotta love small towns. ;-)
1. This guy.

He loves me so much, it doesn't even make sense. But I love him more, and somehow that makes perfect sense to me. ;-)

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