Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Good List 3-27-13

10. Capers. They're my new favorite addition to salads and sandwiches and all sorts of other things. I love olives, but they can get fattening if you eat too many. Capers add a similar tanginess with no worries of overdoing fat and calories. Yum!
9. The drink machine at Moe's. It's like a party in your cup! So many fun opportunities! :-D
8. The gatorade that almost makes me excited to work out so that I can enjoy this after. ;-)

7. Reading this Robert Frost book. It makes me feel very Vermonty. 

6. Homemade chicken noodle soup. I'm not a food snob, and I've eaten plenty of soup from a can, but you just can't beat the homemade stuff, especially after a few days of feeling icky.
5. Benadryl. I had the most bizarre reaction to a bug bite on my temple last week. Let's just say I was very grateful for Benadryl. (And VERY special thanks to our friend Barby for providing some quickly when we didn't find any in our medicine cabinet.) 
4. Adding another piece of cast iron to my collection, courtesy of my friend Barbara. Oh man. The only thing better than one big round cake of cast-iron baked cornbread with crusty edges is 6 individual pieces of cast-iron baked cornbread with crusty edges all around each piece. YUM! (Thank you, Barbara!) This bad boy's about to get a workout. I'm thinking cornbread, scones, "muffins". What are you hungry for? :-D

3. My very own copy of John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion. Jared has one that he keeps in his office, but I can dig into this one at home and mark it all up and make it my own. Looking forward to it!

2. Fresh memories of precious Jack Jack giggles and sweet baby Luke snuggles. And let's not forget good ol' Glory. Love this family like they are our very own.

1. Jared and I are going to Disneyworld! Since we're making a trip to Orlando anyway for TGC, it seemed wasteful to be there and not visit Mickey. ;-) Macy and Grace gave us permission to go without them since it's only a couple days and Grandmom will be with them while we're gone. We honeymooned there, so it will be an experience rich with memories and overflowing with gratitude for what God has done in and through and for us through the years. Also, this will be our first opportunity to spend some extended time with our new sister-in-law, Danielle, who will be attending with Jared's brother (aka her husband :-D). LOTS to look forward to!

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