Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Good List 3-13-13

10. A huge bag of yumminess from my friend Tammy. We have been enjoying it so much!

9. I don't mind winter, but it's starting to sound like spring around here, and I *certainly* don't mind that.
8. It's a short school week! We pick the girls up at noon today, and the rest of the week will be an amazing adventure. Albany tomorrow and then NASHVILLE!!! I'm so excited! Grateful for such perfect timing.
7. Choremonster. I've used "charts" with the girls for awhile, with varying degrees of success. This is an electronic system that speaks their language and ironically helps me keep them OFF electronics (other than their chore charts) until the work is done. So far they love it. Certainly this is the first system I've used that has them asking for extra chores to earn more points. ;-) 
6. Coming in September. Awesome. 
5. Crafty little Macy decided it was time for her striped long sleeve pullover to become a vest. I have to agree it's super cute this way.

4. This makes me a special kind of happy. Especially this part:

I love the hearts and minds of both of these men. Combining them just enhances the awesome of both. :-D
3. We're all booked for TGC in April! This week (and in alternate years the week of T4G) is one of mine and Jared's favorite and most refreshing weeks of every year. SO looking forward to it!
2. Gracie (9) has written her first manuscript. It was a lot of work just for me to re-type it, so I know she worked REALLY hard to write it! Quite entertaining, I must say!

Dedicated to her Dad. So sweet.

1. I'll be snuggling with these little monkeys in 2 DAYS!!!!! CAN. NOT. WAIT!

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