Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Know That I Know

This is how I know the Gospel is true. . .

I've seen people broken and damaged far beyond human repair come back to life.

I've watched cold, dead eyes begin to sparkle with hope again.

I've witnessed disastrous marriages becoming beautiful displays of grace.

I've held hands with the elderly who knew Christ so well, they couldn't wait to get home to him.

I've embraced people dealing with some of the most difficult situations known to man and sensed their strength and peace right in the heart of their storm.

I've listened to previously hard, selfish, dangerous men weep in grief over the pain they've caused others and then celebrate in joy what Christ has done for them.

I've hurt, but I've been comforted.

I've hungered, but I've been filled.

I've feared, but I've been calmed.

I've doubted, but I've been reassured.

I've run, but I've been pursued.

I've disobeyed, but I've been forgiven.

I've been broken, but I've been restored.

I've been crucified with Christ, but I've been resurrected to abundant life.

I have a new heart, and every day Christ does something in it that surprises me. Something that I never could have orchestrated on my own.

This is how I know the Gospel is true.

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