Wednesday, April 11, 2012

T4G Sound Bytes

These are some of my favorite brief thoughts from T4G so far (some for very different reasons than others). Such goodness from so many who treasure Christ so much.

From C.J. Mahaney:

"Why would anybody captivated by the glory [of Christ] want to draw attention to themselves?"

"Have you gotten over it?" (referring to the mercy of God)

"Ministry isn't just about proclamation; it also involves suffering."

"I'm so glad Paul was bewildered. I'm so glad Paul had an 'I don't know' in his pastoral toolbox."

"Your congregation isn't just listening to your sermons. They're studying your life."

"It's not about Paul's resolve. It's about the power and the grace of God."

"Every pastor has BUT NOT written over his life." (in reference to 2 Corinthians 4:7-10)

"How would you like to spend some time with Paul? It would seem to me that no whining would be allowed."

From Al Mohler:

"The gospel isn't a concept that needs fresh ideas; it is a message that needs fresh telling."

From Mark Dever:

"Our congregations are made up exclusively of sinners. So as pastors we spend all of our time with sinners. . . even when we're alone."

"False teaching will bring converts, but false converts. And false converts will hire false teachers."

"He who thinks lightly of sin will think lightly of our Savior."

"When we get this right [that Christ is our only hope], we offend and attract all the right people."

"Our basic posture as believers in the Bible is waiting." (in reference to the idea that we don't see the fullness of our salvation in this earthly life.)

From Thabiti Anyabwile:

"The greatest hindrance to the gospel is the Christian's lack of confidence in the power of the gospel."

"I love it when God puts the cookie on the bottom shelf where I can reach it."

"If we are confident in the gospel, we will position ourselves around the worst of sinners."

"Are we trying to release the gospel, or are we trying to rehabilitate it?"

"Is our confidence in our methods, or is our confidence in the gospel?"

"God only has one sermon--redemption of sinners through the atoning work of Jesus Christ his son."

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grey rose (they/them) said...

these are awesome! so glad you shared...found you through your husband's blog, that i love!