Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Good List 4-25-12

10. Crisp white-barked trees set against clear, bright blue skies.
9. Grapefruit topped with honey, cinnamon, and sea salt (equally good either "raw" or broiled). I'm not sure I ever would have come up with this combination on my own, but thanks to my friend Tara-Leigh, I'm enjoying it frequently now. YUM!
8. Celtics are in the playoffs!
7. The first moments of new life on naked trees.
6. High up hotel rooms. The 22nd floor in Louisville was a fabulous treat!
5. Witty, clever, funny people. They make life so much more interesting and fun!
4. The Great Escape indoor water park. Lots of watery fun for 5 little cousins during a not-so-warm spring break.
3. Studying by stained glass.

2. Grandmom and Granddad in Vermont for 2 whole weeks! (And a return trip for late summer is already in the works.) Love them so much!
1. THIS. It is still making me giggle. Go here if you're interested in the story behind this silliness. 

1 comment:

grey rose (they/them) said...

i need to try grapefruit that way!

ohmyheck. the mark ruffalo business slayed me.
y'all are so darling.
grateful for your ministry! xo