Friday, April 13, 2012

T4G12 Highlights (and some random observations)

  • Y'all. C.J. Mahaney could grip the fool out of a basketball. I'm just sayin'. . .
  • I finally got to hear in person the infamous voice and see in person the epic truck (if in fact that really is the correct definition of that thing) of Bradley Hughes. It made me very happy.
  • Free books. One of the few material things I treasure. Books. There is no such thing as too many.
  • There was a huge banner hanging in the zero dollar bookstore with the following quote on it: "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." --Mark Twain  Yep.
  • I got to follow my friend Josh via twitter on his long and adventurous journey from Maine to Boston and finally to Louisville (with possibly a side trip to North Carolina with a hobo on a train). Probably more fun for me to read about than for him to do, but I'm glad he arrived in one piece. :-D
  • Bob Kauflin is and has a tremendous gift. Just a piano and his passionate voice. Amazing.
  • I enjoyed seeing a whole crew of my LifeWay friends again. Some just got a quick hug (they were busy!), but I enjoyed great conversation with many others. I love those people.
  • Dr. Rainer was there! He took the stage for a few minutes during the Monday night sessions, and Jared laughed at me when my exact initial response was a kinda loud, "Awwwww! Dr. Rainer!"
  • Thabiti Anyabwile makes me giggle AND adore Jesus. I love that combination! 
  • I am always incredibly blessed by the relationships between brothers who disagree (pretty strongly) on secondary issues yet deeply respect and wholeheartedly support each other because of Jesus (the MAIN issue).
  • My friend Paul proclaimed his heartfelt support of Jared's *Gospel Wakefulness* (especially chapter 8) just as we were sitting down with the Crossway marketing team. Fabulous timing! :-D
  • Mark Dever has gentle eyes and a warm, engaging, pastorly presence, which Jared will never stop making fun of me for saying. Nevertheless, it is true. 
  • 8000+ (mostly male) voices exuberantly praising their Savior in song is easily one of my favorite foreshadowings of heaven. Stirs me to my soul. One of my favorite moments was the acapella rendition of this chorus: Behold our God, Seated on His Throne, Come Let us Adore Him! Behold our King! Nothing Can Compare! Come Let us Adore Him!  Just Awesome.
  • Matt and Lauren Chandler are so special. I didn't think it was possible ('cause it was already off the charts), but my respect for them grows and deepens exponentially every single time I talk to (or more commonly read or hear something from) either one of them. Their unwavering commitment to the TRUE gospel profoundly encourages my heart.
  • Jared and I got to hang out with Tim Brister, David Mathis, and Josh Cousineau Monday night. Quality dudes for sure.
  • I am eternally grateful for podcasts, especially since we had to catch a flight before Matt Chandler and John Piper spoke (I KNOW, RIGHT?!?)
  • It is always the joy of my heart to get to see Jared interact with so many wonderful men of God whom he respects so much and who have had such profound impact on him
  • It is equally joyous for me to see younger/newer in their ministry pastors and teachers approach Jared, viewing him much the same way he does his older, wiser teachers and asking for wisdom/advice/prayer. This is as it should be, is it not?
  • Spending time with my man is always a highlight of my life. Doing so in a setting that refreshes our very souls together makes it even more special.
  • Just after our last meal in Louisville, a young man approached Jared to thank him for his ministry in Vermont, because (GET THIS!) he has family in Rutland, VT who (in his words) are pagan as all get out. Garrett, I'm almost positive you will never read this, but if you do, THANK YOU for taking the time to say that. It was as great an encouragement as anything else we heard during the week and confirmed yet again why we moved to Vermont. They need Jesus.

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