Sunday, March 11, 2012

Old is Good. New is Good. God is Good.

Something about these images flooded my mind with a plethora of paradoxical attributes of my church. The stark contrast of the fresh new sheets of plywood beneath the faded, chipped, worn pew and old, well-used pipe organ reminded me that so many generations have invested so much in this building and its ministries for well over 2 centuries. Such a deep and rich heritage.

Old is good. 

And because of that heritage, ministry continues. New plywood. A facelift. But so much more. New ministry opportunities. New souls drawn to Christ. Regenerated hearts, both old and new. God at work every day in and through and around us. Doing something new in the hearts of his people. Sanctification. Stirring afresh and transforming the hearts of those who haven't known him yet. Justification. 

New is good.

God uses both.

He's making his radiance known anew in this old building full of paradox.

It's so very used, yet being made new.
It's simple and basic, yet extravagantly useful.
It's worn by centuries of use, yet it's sturdy.
It's small, yet oh so epic.

He's making his love and glory known through these people full of paradox.

They're young and old.
They're strong and gentle.
They suffer, yet they're hopeful.
They're stubborn about the Gospel, but open and gracious and teachable about just about everything else.
They're fully aware of each others flaws, yet they love each other so very well.

God is good.

OH the joy that stirs my soul in this building among this body of believers! Thank you, Jesus, for making this home to me for now (and hopefully for the rest of my days here on earth until I finally get to see you face to face in my *real* home.)

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