Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Good List 3-14-12

10. Despicable Me 2 is in the works for 2013! Now we just need another Monsters, Inc.!
9. The Grilled Chicken Alla Caprese salad at Red Robin. So simple, but oh so very yummy. I want another one, but alas. . . Red Robin is far away. Perhaps I shall make my own! :-D
8. Macy's favorite purchase during our weekend getaway. A purple hat. Just what every girl needs. ;-)

7. Unexpectedly finding a whole new wardrobe for Macy and Grace on the Old Navy clearance rack. Even a new winter coat for Grace for next year for only $6! Nice.
6. Racing Macy and Grace up 7 flights of stairs and not needing to pass out at the top. (special thanks to God and my elliptical for keepin' my heart pumpin') ;-)
5. Hugo (the movie). Just magical.
4. Doctors who understand that when they're caring for your children, you don't just want AN answer. You want ALL the answers.
3. Family adventures.
2. Jared just sent in a deposit for a family vacation to Maine this summer. I. Cannot. Wait.
1. David, Sarah, Jack AND Tyrone have airline tickets to Vermont in May! Family reunion!!! So excited!

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