Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Good List 3-7-12

Today's good list brought to you by our trip to Brockton, MA for Gospel Wakefulness Conference #4 last weekend.

10. Grabbing a quick meal at Cracker Barrel for the first time in at least 2 years. Yummy.
9. Looking for Sasquatch with Jared during the spooky, foggy drive home. Good times. Good times. :-D
8. Driving across New England the day after a big snow storm. A feast for the eyes for sure.
7. I got to hear Jared teach about Gospel Wakefulness for the fourth time, and I'm not even close to being tired of it yet. Awesome. Thank you, Lord.
6. Yet again having the comfort of knowing our girls were in the care of my sister and her family. We always miss them when we're apart, but we are so grateful to have family close by to love them while we're gone.
5. The 7 Mile Road worship team. Y'all. They love Jesus. It just oozes out of them. So so good.
4. Getting to hang out with our friend Josh Cousineau. He's quality, that one.
3. Steve and Denise Rahn and their incredible hospitality during our stay in Brockton. So grateful and blessed that God keeps connecting us with such truly gracious and salt of the earth people such as them.
2. Abby, Bethy and Eden (Steve and Denise's daughters), the best little mini-hostesses ever. I strongly considered kidnapping them, but I decided that wouldn't be very good for our testimony. ;-)
1. The Gospel. The only thing that matters really.

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