Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Good List 4-13-11

10. A really good pen. Not too fat, not too skinny, with a nice smooth flow of ink. Sometimes it's the little things. ;-)
9. The 111 photo prints I ordered from Snapfish for $1.11 last week. YAY for coupons!!!
8. The live stream of the eagles in the Decorah hatchery. They are so sweet and adorable, and I LOVE the background sounds. So relaxing.
7. My favorite new make-your-cleaning-life-easier tip: If something spills over or explodes in your microwave or if for any reason it's just kinda nasty ;-) -- Cut a lemon in half. Put it pulp-side down in the middle of your microwave. Zap for 20 seconds. Then take it out and wipe everything down with a warm, wet cloth. It's like magic! And then use the same lemon on your cook top, tea kettle and faucets. Grime-free in seconds! Basically, you can pretty much clean at least half of your kitchen with a $.40 lemon and very little effort. You're welcome. ;-)
6. The Great Wall of Chocolate. Y'all. OMG. It had been way too long. And just hush about the calories. It was part of our 15 year anniversary celebration. We earned it.
5. Living in a place that inspires me to grab my camera almost every single day. Gorgeousness abounds.
4. The sound of recovering criminals and addicts of every kind lifting their voices to sing and shout praises to their Savior. Just phenomenal. (Special thanks to Teen Challenge for bringing a group to our church last weekend to minister to us. So special.)
3. The JOB OFFER that my brother-in-law got last week in HARTFORD, VT!!!!! WHAT?!?!? I finally get to be neighbors with my sister!!!
2. Gospel Coalition 2011 is underway, and I am HERE! Awesome. Highlights will be posted later, for there are far too many to be contained in one small list. :-D
1. Being married to a man that I am so very proud of. (even though that sentence is not proper grammar and he will probably tell me about it later.)


DEWS NEWS said...

Love your list...WHICH SISTER IS COMING TO LIVE NEAR YOU??? time I know Bonnie and Jerry will be up there too!!!
I can't wait to g
o out and buy a lemon!!! Really...this comes just in time for me...packing up my stuff for a year in the states...will be good to pack clean kitchen appliances!!!
Where is the GREAT CHOCOLATE wall...that might be as cool as your sister moving up there!
AND I really understand about not wanting to write when you live with a "Writer!" BUT I'm so glad you do!!!
love you!

Chris Thomas said...

You forgot seeing an old friend while in Chicago.

Becky said...

Nope, Chris-- That goes on the "Highlights of TGC week" list. ;-) I definitely didn't forget. It was SO GOOD to see you and Amanda! Love y'all!

Becky said...

Dalese--Jon and Jody are working on moving up here this summer. He got a job with the Hartford, VT police department. Isn't that CRAZY? We are BESIDE OURSELVES!!!!

The Great Wall of Chocolate is at P.F.Chang's. GO GET ONE while you're in the states! Girl--yes. That's all I'll say about that. :-D

Love you MORE!