Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Good List 4-20-11

10. Celtics 2-0 in the first round of playoffs. Keep it up, boys!
9. Watching Jared coach the Celtics from our couch. Easily as entertaining as the game itself. It's a shame they can't hear him. ;-)
8. The sound of ice clinking into a glass and then cracking as liquid is poured over it. I know it's super weird, but there is something oddly nostalgic about that sound that makes me happy.
7. Noticing beauty in the most random and unexpected places. Grateful when God opens my eyes.
6. Home. I love, Love, LOVE adventures, but my favorite place is home.
5. The absence of physical pain and illness. It's easy to whine when I'm temporarily not at my best health-wise. But I know so many people who are dealing with severe pain and illness on a daily basis. I am not one of those people, which I take for granted far, FAR too often. Today I am grateful.
4. The fantabulous posters Macy and Grace made while we were out of town last week. Fun stuff.

3. Realizing I never have to ask God to be near me because He always is. Learning to pray instead that I will recognize His presence more readily and cling to Him more quickly.
2. Loooooong, meaningful, memorable conversations about things that matter. Seems like these are hard to come by these days. All the more reason to treasure them when they happen.
1. Serving a RISEN Savior! Hallelujah!

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