Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Good List 4-6-11

10. The fantastic customer service I got from "Lori. A." the other night on the "click to chat" option on the Walgreen's website. Professional, gracious, and efficient--just like customer service should be but rarely is anymore.
9. Girls' weekend treats.
8. Laughing at myself. Life's way too short not to.
7. Having an entire drawer in our refrigerator dedicated to yogurt because our entire family loves it so much. As someone who likes to eat and serve healthy snacks, this makes me very happy. (And YAY for the 10/$3 plus additional coupons sales our local grocery store offers all the time so we can keep it full without going broke.)
6. My cute little picnic basket. It's ready to come out of hibernation and go on an adventure.

5. Spring cleaning. More specifically, the final outcome. ;-) But the process isn't so bad either when you have 2 fabulous little helpers named Macy and Grace.
4. Freerunning. Don't even try to tell me this isn't awesome.
3. Autism Awareness Day (April 2). I know so many people who are affected by this, and I think it's terribly misunderstood way too often. Nice to see so many people (including the NBA) bringing attention to it lately.
2. The David Crowder/Shane & Shane/Robbie Seay Band version of "I Saw the Light." Fantastic.
1. Hearing all of the great reports about the Gospel Wakefulness conference Jared preached last weekend. Sounds like it was an amazing event where Christ was honored and hearts were open.

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