Tuesday, April 26, 2011

40 Reasons Why my Big Sister Vickie is Awesome ('cause it's her 40th birthday)

1. Because she crams more activity into a week than pretty much anybody I know and somehow still manages to do it all well
2. Because she is brilliant
3. Because she literally still owns (and wears) clothes that she wore in high school (Did I mention she's 40 today?)
4. Because she absolutely adores my children
5. Because she is the best nurse I have ever met and one of the only ones who spends time with people, asks questions, and does research until she gets to the root of the problem instead of just throwing medication at people
6. Because she always accompanies my Mom and Dad to any and all doctor appointments she can to make sure they are being treated right. ;-)
7. Because she once sprayed on a bright orange "tan" right before a family lake trip, and the sight of that in my mind still makes me giggle. A LOT.
8. Because she has this fantastic finished "upper room" in her house that she loves to make available for people as a "getaway" for a night or two. Jared and I have taken advantage of it, and it is quite awesome and relaxing.
9. Because she got me my first job at the same place she worked so that I would have a ride.
10. Because when she quit that job, she then got me my second job at the next place she worked so that I would still have a ride. :-D
11. Because I have never spent time with her that didn't involve A LOT of laughing.
12. Because her legs are almost as long as my entire body.
13. Because she pretty much planned my entire wedding.
14. Because she pretty much plans all of our family trips (and I mean to the minute, people!) I love this, because she's really good at it, and then I just get to be along for the ride. Fun!
15. Because she has this inexplicable ability to be pleasant even in the most tense and chaotic situations
16. Because she gave me a nephew and 2 nieces that are sooooo special to me
17. Because she once put on a big, fluffy bunny onesie right in the middle of Target which made me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants (but I'm still mad at her for not buying it)
18. Because she is never too busy to talk even though she is really always too busy to talk ;-)
19. Because she saves every little thing that could possibly be useful later, but unlike people like me who shove things like that into the back corner of a cabinet, she knows exactly where everything is and will go locate it for you in 2 seconds flat if you ever need it
20. Because we have more pictures of her butt than her face. This is a running family joke. Somehow she always manages to step in front of the camera and bend over at the most unfortunate times. :-D
21. Because she brought Blue Bell ice cream ALL THE WAY TO VERMONT from Texas to share at Macy and Grace's birthday party last summer
22. Because she loves to have all the little girls over to her house at Christmastime and give them their very own "spa day," which involves sitting in the hot tub, getting manicures and pedicures, eating decadent treats and sipping juice out of stemware. They all love it!
23. Because she made her entire Bible study group read Jared's first book pretty much immediately after it came out
24. Because she re-enacted Mission Impossible at a hotel in Lake Charles, LA during a girls' weekend with my Mom and all of my sisters (Inside joke, but I couldn't resist.)
25. Because she used to play Monopoly with me when no one else would
26. Because she quite possibly literally saved my life when I had a horrible 3-wheeler accident when I was 10 years old
27. Because really and truly, she just wants everyone to be happy and does everything she can to cause just that
28. Because she doesn't have a judgmental bone in her body
29. Because she is a champion eater. I mean, seriously y'all. It is a mystery to me that she doesn't weigh 300 pounds.
30. Because she is always up for an adventure.
31. Because every time there is a lull in the game, it's Vickie's turn. (another family joke)
32. Because she gives very creative and thoughtful gifts
33. Because she fully embraces the notion, "The more, the merrier." She wants everyone to join the fun and will find a way to make more room and find more food or whatever is necessary for everyone to enjoy themselves.
34. Because she is good at everything I have ever seen her attempt to do, but she would never tell you that.
35. Because she never made me feel like I got on her nerves when we were younger, even though I'm positive I did
36. Because she is one of the hardest workers I know
37. Because she has no idea how awesome she is
38. Because she has an uncanny ability to "make the best" of any given situation
39. Because I can't think of any reasons not to look up to her (plus she's really tall, so there's even that)
40. Because she was my very first best friend

Love you so much, Vick! Hope today is as special as you are. Really wish I was there to give you a huge hug!

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Gabrielle said...

This is so true Beck! I would like to add though that hands down all of you are the best at entertaining and hospitality. I have never met anyone other than yourselves who will readily open your homes to people and go out of your way to be hospitable without a single complaint. You should all pat yourselves on the back because we truly need more people on this earth to act the way you guys do. My hats off to Uncle Jerry and Aunt Onnie for raising very loving, considerate, compassionate, always willing to serve others type of ladies! All of you are extremely awesome and I mean it.